National Press Club

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Through video conferencing technology the National Press Club Broadcast Operations Center is able to include key speakers for your event who are in other cities or even other countries. Deploying video conferencing can help you make your event complete even when schedules and travel plans become difficult. With the high cost and unpredictable nature of business travel, this has become a very popular service that can actually help save costs and provide increased productivity for key personnel or noted experts.

While video conferencing has had performance issues related to compatibility and transmission quality, our skilled team has experience working in all kinds of meeting environments and is an effective partner in helping you achieve the communications goals of your meeting or presentation.

We are also able to assist with video conferencing for one-to-one meetings and other similar business applications. Our services are professional and our rates are attractive.

Videoconferencing mediums:


  • Domestic satellite
  • International satellite with standards conversion
  • C or Ku band, digital or analog
  • Satellite trucks in remote locations
  • Domestic or international fiber
  • Backup audio via Phone Hybrid available


  • Up to 4 pairs of ISDN lines available
  • Equipmen: Tandberg 6000
  • Backup audio via Phone Hybrid available


  • 512kb or 768kb speeds
  • Equipment: Tandberg 6000
  • Backup audio via Phone Hybrid available

Ideal applications: National & International interviews

  • Key Note Conferences
  • Breaking News
  • Lectures
  • Continuing Education
  • Corporate Communication